About Ratliff Enterprises In Kansas City, Kansas

In 1958, Don Ratliff built Ratliff Guttering Company with his own two hands. At the time, Ratliff Guttering was one of only three companies in Kansas City to offer quality seamless aluminum gutter installation and repair to new and older homes alike.

Many of the gutter systems Ratliff installed were to new homes built by his long-time close friend, Jim Hedgecock. The two friends were family men that shared a love of hunting, fishing, trapshooting and working with their hands.
When Jim made the career decision to focus on gutter installation in lieu of new home construction, he came to work side by side with Don at Ratliff Guttering.

Years later, Don decided to sell the company, and it was on a hunting trip in 1983 that Jim accepted his friend’s offer to take over as owner. Both knew that only Jim would continue to run the company with equal devotion and care for their loyal customers and employees.

As the landscape of Kansas City grew, so did this dedicated company. By the mid 1990’s, Ratliff was soon to be a family affair when Jim’s only son, Mike, decided after finishing college, to be an official part of what was by this time, Ratliff Enterprises Inc.

Mike Hedgecock is now the operating owner. He and Jim have worked together through the years, each acquiring new skills and honing techniques learned from the other. Other valued members have joined the crew, each bringing to the table their own experience and commitment to their craft.
Today, Ratliff Enterprises is an accomplished provider of not only gutters, but also that of high-quality roofs, siding and windows.

From the humble beginning, Ratliff was and still is a business that treats each of its valued customers like we treat each other…family.